2013-03-28 Update : These plugins are now hosted on GitHub

I’ve finally gotten around to cleaning up and releasing the source for a couple of the Jekyll plugins used to build this site.

You can find them all on the Jekyll Plugins project page, or browse the source.

As always, if you come across any problems please create a ticket and we’ll try to get it fixed as soon as possible.


Project page generator

A generator that creates project pages for Jekyll sites from git repositories.

This was inspired by the project pages on GitHub, which use the project README file as the index page. It takes git repositories, and automatically builds project pages for them using the README file, along with downloadable zipped copies of the projects themselves (for example, all the project pages linked to from my project page were auto-generated with this).

The goal is to automate the construction of online project pages, keep them in sync with README documentation, and provide an up-to-date zip archive for download.

Category page generator

A generator that creates category pages for Jekyll sites (for example my plugin category.)

I found one or two category page generators floating around on pastebin etc, but nothing that really achieved what I was after, so I ended up putting this script together.

sitemap.xml generator

A fairly simple generator that creates a sitemap.xml page for jekyll sites, suitable for submission to google etc.