2013-03-28 Update : This plugin is now hosted on GitHub

2010-09-29 Update : This plugin has been moved from subversion to git, and now has a dedicated project page. Subversion updates will be discontinued, so please update your links to point to the latest version!

As the name suggests, a very simple color-picker plugin that displays a square grid of colors to select from. I found a lot of the other color-picker plugins quite heavy, and so I ended up writing this. The list of colors it uses can be customized, and the layout size etc can be configured to a certain extent.

Download jquery.simpleColor.js

SimpleColor Picker

To try it out, download the sample files , or check them out using git :

git clone git://github.com/recurser/jquery-simple-color.git

If this doesn’t meet your particular needs, Virgil Reboton has written something quite similar .