Dave Perrett

EXIF Orientation Handling Is a Ghetto

programming, web

One of my favourite services at the moment is Transloadit, who provide an image processing API that works a treat on top of platforms like Heroku, where there are strict request timeout limits that make large uploads difficult. They handle auto-orientation of images automagically by default, and normally I’m not even aware of it happening during testing since my camera and OSX also handle auto-orientation transparently.

Messing Around With Ruby-processing, Take 5

java, music, processing, programming, ruby

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time playing with ruby-processing (and processing in general) recently. It’s also been my first exposure to JRuby which has been a bit of an eye-opener, in terms of the sheer number of Java libraries that it makes available in Ruby.

All the fun stuff in processing seems to be OpenGL-related, and after a lot of research the easiest way to dig in ended up being the GLGraphics Java library, which was made specifically for use in processing.

Back From Blogging Hiatus


The last year has been a bit of a whirlwind, and saw Emi and I leave Tokyo, travel Asia, Russia and Europe for a couple of months, spend some time back in Australia catching up with family, and eventually take up an offer we couldn’t refuse to co-found a startup in Christchurch, New Zealand.